Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of FRISQ Holding AB (publ) is the highest decision-making authority. At the Annual General Meeting, all shareholders are given the opportunity to exercise the rights as shareholders in the company in relation to their voting rights, either via first person or through a representative.

The AGM’s powers and obligations are regulated by the Companies Act and the Articles of Association.

Right to attend the Annual General Meeting

All shareholders included in the shareholders’ register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB have five weekdays (Saturdays included) before the Annual General Meeting and who have registered with the Company for participation in the Annual General Meeting by the date stated in the notice convening the Annual General Meeting, have the right to attend and vote for their shareholder’s shares at the Annual General Meeting.

In addition to registering at the Company for participation, shareholders who have registered their shares through a bank or securities depository, must for attendance, temporarily re-registering their shares in their own name at Euroclear Sweden AB. Shareholders should inform the trustee about this in good time before the record date.

Shareholders may attend general meetings by person or by proxy and may also be assisted by no more than two persons. It is usually possible for shareholders to report to the AGM in a number of ways, as specified in the notice for the meeting. Shareholders are entitled to vote for all shares held by the shareholder in the company.

For further information regarding the notice of attendance and the right to attend the Annual General Meeting, please refer to the company’s articles of association.

Shareholders wishing to include proposals for the AGM, may send their submissions to FRISQ’s Chairman of the Board at:


FRISQ Holding AB
Att: Chairman of the Board
Lästmakargatan 20, 7tr
111 44 Stockholm