FRISQ Care to be used by healthcare company TioHundra in Region Stockholm

Healthcare company TioHundra AB will be the first public care provider in Region Stockholm to use FRISQ Care.

The service will be used in a project aimed at improving care for chronically ill patients in primary care. The project includes utilization of FRISQ Care by a primary care center’s healthcare personnel and patients, integrated with Region Stockholm’s TakeCare electronic health record system.

Other users of FRISQ Care include a range of private care providers in Region Stockholm and the public health service in Region Västra Götaland.

TioHundra is owned by the Healthcare and Care local federation in Norrtälje, a collaboration between Region Stockholm and Norrtälje Municipality. TioHundra’s model of placing regional healthcare and municipal care within the same organization has been highlighted as an innovative way of coordinating care around the patient and addressing the healthcare system’s demographic challenges.

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