FRISQ in short

FRISQ strives to empower patients in their own care journey. We believe that that a motivated and empowered patient, who is are actively engaged in their care have better health outcomes and care experiences. In addition, we are convinced that many patients both want to and can be more involved in their own health and treatment.

With our applications, we provide the patient with information about their care plan, medication and care history, accessed directly on their mobile device. We also provide the care team with an application that enables digitalization of care processes, making them available for both patients and care teams as well as support effective communication within the team and the patient. This way care resources are used in the best way – and the best health outcomes are achieved.

Our services

FRISQ Care – An application for bringing the patient and the provider together, to plan, coordinate and follow up

FRISQ Care enables digitalization of care processes and making them available for both patients and care teams. Our goal is to deliver a user-friendly service for the patient and a helpful planning tool for the entire care team. Records are created in a single place by integrating with the provider’s current IT systems and EMR’s.

  • Personalized care plans for patient and provider
    FRISQ Care allow care teams to deliver personalized care plans to patients, empowering them to actively engage in their care and manage their own health through the care plan.
  • Coordination across the care team
    Everyone on the patient’s care team has immediate access to all the information needed to make informed decisions about the ongoing treatment. The patient is also able to share the care plans across multiple providers and caregivers.
  • Webb and iPad for the provider, iPhone or Android for the patient
    FRISQ Care is time-saving for providers who can perform their daily tasks with minimal need for extraneous documentation. The patient’s app is a helpful tool in their daily self-care routines and follow-up ability.

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