FRISQ signs new agreement with care provider Cereb

Today FRISQ announced the signing of an agreement with Cereb – a private healthcare provider with operations in Stockholm, Uppsala, Helsingborg and soon also in Malmö.

Cereb is a leading healthcare provider with about 80 employees specializing in neuropsychiatry. They have a clearly expressed ambition to grow in order to support a wider patient base, and FRISQ Care is seen as an important tool in meeting this goal.

“Our investment in the product offered by FRISQ Care will enable us to raise the quality of our offering to a higher level – we are all very excited to get started ” says CEO Harald Wessman in a comment.

“That Cereb, with their high quality requirements, chooses FRISQ Care to further develop and grow their business is very exciting, and provides yet further evidence of the value this product creates for care providers as well as patients,” says Hampus Edin, Sales Manager at FRISQ.

The implementation of FRISQ Care will begin during the first quarter of 2020.

For further information:
Martin Irding, CEO FRISQ
+46 (0)8 120 131 21


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