Management group

Holdings as of Dec 31, 2019.

George Thaw
George Thaw

Position: CEO of FRISQ Holding AB and subsidiary FRISQ AB (Interim)

George has proven experience in creating and driving growth through organic as well as M&A related programs in developing and growing SaaS-enterprises globally – within and beyond the healthcare sector. He has developed sustainable business strategies that have been successfully rolled out by leveraging cross-functional dynamic and wide spread geographic teams in high-profile organizations where he has held leading positions such as e.g.,  Head of European Service Business, and Global Head of Product Support Services for Microsoft Corp; CEO of Arctic Slope Regional Corp in Alaska; COO of SAP UK & Ireland; Global MD of Advanced Health & Care; and CEO of the medtech company Fuel 3D.

Joined FRISQ: 2020
Education: BA (Hons) degrees in Business Law and Marketing from Strathclyde University, UK
Shareholding in the Company: 0
Warrants: 0

Martin Irding FRISQ
Martin Irding

Position: Chief Customer and Partner Engagement Officer

Martin has a background as project manager at McKinsey & Company, with experience of working exclusively with healthcare related projects such as benchmarking of Stockholm Emergency Hospital, development of new innovative compensation models, Forum för Välfärd, development of the value-based pricing of pharmaceuticals in Sweden and other major improvement projects in healthcare.

Joined FRISQ: 2016
Education: MSc from Chalmers University of Technology in Industrial Economics and a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Gothenburg School of Economics.
Shareholding in the Company: 3,000
Warrants: 220,000

Örjan Lindström FRISQ
Örjan Lindström

Position: Chief Development Officer (CDO)

Örjan has deep knowledge of building and leading development organisations. He has a long experience in IT-development in different roles and organizations, and has the last ten years worked as development officer at Apollo, Kuoni and Qapital.

Joined FRISQ: 2018
Education: MSc in Computer and System Science at Stockholm University.
Shareholding in Company: 0
Warrants: 50,000

Patrik Mattsson FRISQ
Patrik Mattsson

Position: Chief Customer Success Manager (CSM) Sweden

Patrik has extensive experience from digitalization and leadership within healthcare. Previous assignments include Head of the healthcare, eHealth and digitalization units in Region Västra Götaland.

Joined FRISQ: 2018
Education: Studies in IT-Management at Gothenburg University.  Courses in leadership and project management.
Shareholding in Company: 0
Warrants: 50,000

Annika Muskantor FRISQ
Annika Muskantor

Position: CFO

Annika has broad financial experience and has during the the last 20 years worked as interim-CFO with focus on business development in public as well as private companies, such as Bisnode, eBay, Sobi, MMG Turner Broadcasting, Zodiak Media and Scienta Omicron.

Joined FRISQ: 2019
Education: B.A.S in Economics and German from Northwestern University, Chicago (Double Honors Student), MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Chicago, USA.
Shareholding in the Company: 0
Warrants: 0

Hannes Palm FRISQ
Hannes Palm

Position: Chief Operational Officer (COO)

Hannes has previously worked as project manager at McKinsey & Company, primarily focusing on strategic planning, operational improvement and transformation projects. Hannes has extensive experience from supporting clients in the eHealth sector and healthcare providers.

Joined FRISQ: 2016
Education: B.Sc. in Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics.
Shareholding in the Company: 33,000
Warrants: 150,000

Casper Winsnes FRISQ
Casper Winsnes

Position: Chief Innovation Officer

Casper has extensive experience in building and developing innovative healthcare software solutions. For the past 12 years he has been responsible for the development of projects such as National Patient Survey 2 (NPÖ2) and Mina Vårdflöden, which developed a joint national resident and care provider service to show historical care data via the national service platform. Casper has a background from Chorus, Vattenfall and Gartner, among others.

Joined FRISQ: 2019
Education: Business, Stockholm University
Shareholding in the Company: 50,000 (indirect)
Warrants: 100,000