FRISQ currently consists of approximately 15 employees, all with a unique mix of competencies from healthcare, pharmacy and IT and system development. We all strive towards one common goal; To provide healthcare providers with digital person-centric care services.

In addition to our employees, we have an experienced Board of Directors and a broad network that we highly value. Our network strengthens our offering and helps us attract interesting partners and best-in-class employees to our organization.

FRISQ is led by CEO Martin Irding. We strive to have a non-hierarchical organization with a work environment where everyone’s idea and ability is used in the best way and where individuals, as well as the company, are constantly evolving and excelling.

Chairman of the Board is Mats Lindstrand. The Board is responsible for the company’s organization and management, as well as issuing guidelines and instructions for the CEO. The Board’s task is to ensure that the control of the company’s accounting, management and financial conditions are ensured.