FRISQ’s total team consists of approx. 40 people. Some are among the most competent in Sweden within IT, Healthcare, Pharmacy and Business Development.

At year end, FRISQ had 17 employees. In addition to the employees, FRISQ has a number of senior consultants who support the work with e g FRISQ’s internationalization.

FRISQ is led by CEO Martin Irding. FRISQ strives for a non-hierarchical organization with a work environment where everyone’s ideas and abilities is utilized in the best way possible and where individuals, as well as the company, are constantly evolving and excelling.

Chairman of the Board is Mats Lindstrand. The Board is responsible for the company’s organization and governance, including issuing guidelines and instructions to the CEO. The Board’s task is to ensure control of the company’s management, accounting and financing.