Interim reports

Year-end report 2019

Financial summary fourth quarter 2019 Reported net revenue was 0.03 MSEK (2.6) Net revenue for the quarter was 0.53 MSEK Reclassification of EU financed commercially based projects to Other Income was 0.5 MSEK. Other revenue amounted to 0.6 MSEK (0.4) Earnings per share amounted to -0.9 SEK (-0.7) Cash-flow amounted to -21.0 MSEK (-10.6) Cash and cash equivalent on December 31, was 26.7 MSEK (41.7) Financial summary full year 2019 Reported net revenue was 1.9 MSEK (5.2) Other revenue amounted to...

Interim Report July – September 2019

Continued focus on bigger ventures FRISQ develops globally scalable digital tools for interactive communication between different players within the healthcare chain. Our products facilitate and streamline the work of healthcare professionals and give patients new opportunities to get involved in their own care.