November, 2019

FRISQ Care will be used for rehabilitation after common form of cancer

FRISQ Care will be used in collaboration with renowned Professor Anna Martling at Karolinska Institutet (KI), one of the world’s foremost medical universities, to study new methods for improving the rehabilitation of patients with colorectal cancer. Karolinska Institutet has attained a license to offer FRISQ Care to selected patient in the rehabilitation process following the treatment of colorectal cancer – the third most common cause of deadly cancer, with over 6,000 new diagnosed cases in Swe...
January, 2019

Qlik’s former CEO Lars Björk on the investment in FRISQ and his role on the board

When Lars Björk joined Qlik in 2000, it was just a small tech startup in Lund with a dozen employees. He took over as the CEO six years later and grew it into a global success story. In 2016, Qlik was acquired for 3 billion USD. After stepping down as CEO and leaving the company in 2017, Björk received many offers for new jobs, board positions, and investment opportunities. He had been very selective, but when the opportunity came along last year, Björk decided to take a seat on the board and in...