April, 2021

Monthly newsletter March 2021

A third Covid-19 wave occupies the health care sector as we all long for a spring that will bring us both hope and sunshine.
March, 2021

Monthly newsletter February 2021

In an industry still overwhelmed by the pandemic and struggling to save lives and health, we at FRISQ are fully occupied scaling and developing the product together with our pilot clients. We stay focused on enabling a more rationally organized, patient-oriented process that is applicable to the entire healthcare sector.
February, 2021

Swedes’ mental health strongly affected by corona

[Stockholm, Sweden, February 26, 2021.] A new survey shows that more than half of Swedes have been negatively affected mentally by the corona pandemic. One in six Swedes states that they have had serious mental problems such as anxiety, worry and depression.

Survey shows that Swedes request more digitalized health care

[Stockholm, Sweden, February 23, 2021.] The Swedish people want to be more involved in their treatment and they want better digital tools for this. That is the findings of a new study commissioned by healthcare company FRISQ.

Swedes not happy with their healthcare – many feel that it’s become poorer, slower and more unequal

[Stockholm, Sweden, February 17, 2021.] Swedes have become much less satisfied with the state of their healthcare in the past years. They think the general quality is lower, and that the care is slow and unequal. That is the findings of a new study commissioned by healthcare company FRISQ. On a scale between one and ten, Swedes give their healthcare system a grade of just under seven.